This is currently no longer supported as I’m now using Centos 5

You will find similar, but updated rpms here

I’ve created a repo containing the new PHP 5.2.5 rpms and other extensions.

My yum repo currently only supports i386 architectures and centos / el4.

To upgrade to php 5.2.5 please run:

rpm –import RPM-GPG-KEY-smudge

Add my repository by creating the file
vi /etc/yum.repos.d/smudge.repo

name=Smudge IT RPMS for Centos 4 – $basearch

Then run yum update php.

I have the following files in my repo:

pcre-6.6-1.1.i386.rpm php-gd-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-pdo-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm
pcre-devel-6.6-1.1.i386.rpm php-imap-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-pear-1.6.1-2.noarch.rpm
php-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-ldap-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-pgsql-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm
php-bcmath-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-mbstring-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-snmp-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm
php-cli-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-mcrypt-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-soap-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm
php-common-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-mhash-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-suhosin-0.9.20-1.i386.rpm
php-dba-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-mssql-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-tidy-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm
php-devel-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-mysql-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-xml-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm
php-eaccelerator-5.2.5_0.9.5.1-1.i386.rpm php-ncurses-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-xmlrpc-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm
php-embedded-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm php-odbc-5.2.5-1.i386.rpm

You can install other extensions such as:

yum install php-eaccelerator
yum install php-suhosin

Edit /etc/php.d/suhosin.ini to->
suhosin.session.encrypt = Off

Now you have a more secure php installation.

*** Updated sqlite2 packages. If you were having issues installing php-pdo then do

yum clean all

and then

yum install sqlite2